Housewives of Lakewood Ranch hit St Pete’s

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We all know Sarasota is beautiful – it’s indisputable. Talc white sands, shimmering inlets lined with lottery win homes, restaurants to suit every palate and quaint stores hugging the main street. However is it ungrateful to live in such a jewel in the gulf and feel dissatisfied? Ask any of my friends and they feel a little frustrated. Sarasota suits their needs as a family but what about when they want to glam it up and hit the town. What if they want to dine later than 6pm? Yes there are sprouts of youth and vitality if you look hard enough – Shore, State Street and Social; a few clubs on main street but the town really makes you know when it’s past your bedtime!

So , we  try something new and drive twenty minutes up to St Pete’s.  The vibe immediately gets my inner Miami girl giddy for the night ahead. The harbor is lined with bars and restaurants instead of Condo’s and the music and joviality  spills  out onto the sidewalk with abundant  alfresco dining. So this is where they  go –  my friend muses as she sees the pied pipers destination.

We start the night in The Canopy – a swanky roof top bar/restaurant with a hell of a view. We reserved a lounge area for a minimum $250 spend for two hours,  which for a group of ten girls  –  hungry and thirsty was a great deal and the cute attentive waiter was a bonus! The food was delicious and everyone seemed more than happy with the concoction of their drinks.

Next we stop off at a few trendy bars as we make our way to Push. A comfortable walk but not in heels as I whine to the leader of the pack marching ahead in her flats that there is a lovely horse and cinderella pumpkin carriage that we can take a ride in. There truly was – the white wine Sangria wasn’t that strong. Push would sit comfortably in the party island of Ibiza. A three tiered oasis offering live music on the ground level, dance music on the second and an uber cool roof top lounge. Fantastic- we all split up. The nostalgic crowd appreciating the unplugged band downstairs and the need to dance crowd on the second.. and yes you know who you are .. the ones that needed a little fresh air and a sit down up top.

A review of the rest of the night would be a case of filling the blurred lines. A lively strip of bars and small clubs. Strobe lights and pumping music. Glow sticks and lazers – We raved and we drank and we tried to break into the hotel pool.

How much do I love St’ Petes – I say delicately the next morning as we enjoy breakfast before heading home to our family lives in Lakewood Ranch.  We all smile in agreement.

Yes Sarasota is even more beautiful knowing this little hidden party secret is an easy drive away.

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