Life for Anna Graham isn't turning out as planned. She’s in dead end jobs instead of forging a career and her so called open relationship is meant to be the love of her life. But determined and persistent, she once again leaves a trail of broken hearts in England to resume her love affair on the party island of Ibiza.

Life for handsome American Architect, Jake Hudson, is right on target. His successful high end life in Florida is waiting for him after he’s done touring Europe. When Jake meets the enigmatic sister of his best friend. He knows he’s in trouble. He’s heard stories all his life of the stubborn and cynical blonde and now he’s set to join the pathetic suitors waiting in the wings as she blindly flogs her unconventional relationship.

As Anna nonchalantly dusts off every knock as her life takes a downturn, Jake, hopeful and optimistic embarks on a campaign to convince her that life and love doesn't have to be hard. But as they both struggle through fights, heartbreak and misunderstandings, will Jake learn Anna was right to be cautious. And as tragedy falls, is a promise of a happy ever after, a promise that can never be made?

The Kissing Sailor author Nichola BellNichola Bell was born and raised in England. She went to university in Hull where she attained a degree in drinking and socialising.

She had an interesting career selling lingerie before starting a family. She loves movies, dance music and chilled out forward thinking people.

She now lives and works in Sarasota, Florida as an executive for Social Operator. In her free time if she isn't writing she is enjoying all the gulf coast has to offer with her husband and awesome two children.

Nichola's inspiration for The Kissing Sailor novel came from laughing with old friends one day about how life became so grown up all of a sudden. Is it inevitable or is it the choices we make? When she saw the Kissing Sailor statue in Sarasota , it wasn't the story behind it that fascinated her it was the captured moment of a thousand lives. The challenges of life all washed away with a joyful kiss.

She used her fond memories of touring Europe, girl trips to Ibiza and her love of her now hometown on the gulf coast as the stunning backdrop to her transatlantic love story. Nichola has a new novel in the pipeline for fans to look forward to.

Watch out for See you in my dream, to be published in the Spring of 2015

The story behind the backdrop….

Having Ibiza as the initial backdrop to the Kissing Sailor romance is because that is where we see Jake and Anna begin their journey together and I wanted to evoke all that is youthful, vivacious and carefree. To me that is the vibe that the Spanish party island pumps out of it’s beacon. Ibiza encapsulates a buzz that cannot be sustained and eventually real life brings our raving to an end. And while grown up life can be fulfilling we can always feel that tug to those Ibiza days.

Sarasota is where we see Anna and Jakes romance mature. The jewel of the Gulf is fitting as it’s a tranquil, beautiful paradise. Like Jake , Sarasota is a haven that you would run to and feel safe and secure. However as solid as it promises to be it can’t avoid the storms.

When the journey takes Anna and Jake to England we feel the toil and grind of the relationship and the promise of sunnier days. But as they say in England – it doesn't rain it pours………

Recent Reviews

"I loved this book, I couldn't put it down and read it in 2 days. Anna brings a lot of trouble on herself – I often wished I could just speak to her and tell her to think before acting! However, the twist leaves you with nothing but sympathy for her, and is a nice change to the typical 'chick lit' happy ending."
kissing sailor

"I am pleasantly surprised! It's easy to get lost in this novel, it's fabulous!! with lots of surprises, romance, tears, a must read!!"
the kissing sailor book

"I truly could not put this book down! The writing is vivid but concise. I felt like I was there watching the story unfold. The characters are infuriatingly real, which kept me hooked to the end as I couldn't predict the outcome. I'm looking forward to another book by this author"
kissing sailor novel

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